Good stormwater management within urban environments starts with good master planning and urban design. We plan our new urban areas so that Sponge City systems can be incorporated.

We retrofit Sponge City systems into existing areas that are experiencing issues with flooding and water quality.

We have planning regulations that require development, whether it be in newly created urban areas or within existing parts of the city, to incorporate high quality Sponge City systems, and the regulations are enforced as part of the approval process for any development.

As a result, our Sponge City systems are more than just good flood management – they improve the amenity of our urban environments for our citizens. Adelaide is regularly ranked as one of the world’s most liveable cities, and our Sponge City program is a key part of this enviable ranking.

Our Sponge City systems approach has five benefits:

Reduced Water Run Off

Minimises the effects of increased run off that results from covering open land with buildings and pavements.

Improved Water Quality

Ensures that the quality of water that is discharged from new urban areas is high.

Increased Water Storage

Enables us to store water for reuse both in buildings and for landscape irrigation.

Reduced Urban Heat

Minimises the effects of increased run off that results from covering open land with buildings and pavements.

Better Lifestyle and Environment

Creates greater amenity for citizens as well as habitats for wildlife, improving our quality of life.

Our Consortium

The Australia China Sponge City Consortium is a joint venture business formed in 2016 to bring together like minded professionals with a passion for innovative project delivery in the urban environment. 

The consortium comprises parent organisations: Syntec Global, Hassell, Australian Water Environments, Aqueon, Alano Water and Water Data Services.

Our consortium includes all of the skills required to design and deliver a fully integrated approach to water management programs in urban developments such as Sponge City.

Our Team:

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Brad Nicholson

Monitoring and Data Management
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Tony Catalano

Water Treatment Systems
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Russell Martin

Hydrogeology & Managed Aquifer Recharge

Geoff Fisher

Flood Hydrology and Stormwater Design

Kevin Webb

Project Delivery and Innovative Product Supply

David Homburg

City Planning, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture

Ivan Kaukov

Government and International Communications, Business Development